About Us

Hey, friends! Welcome!

We're the Blair family, and we're really glad you're here.  

We're just a regular family who loves the outdoors and thinks it's really important to speak up for what we believe in. 

Nature is where we feel most at peace, where we find inspiration, and most importantly, where our kids argue the least!

Here in our shop, you'll find landscapes and fir trees as well as affirmations for the LGBTQ+ community, created with the warm and comforting tones of natural wood, the soothing colors of planet earth, and of course...

plenty of rainbows!

Erin & Gordon and their two girls

This is a family business through and through. It was created from a desire to spend more time together and show our children that, with hard work, it is completely possible to make a living doing what you love- right beside the people you love most.

Erin and Gordon met while they were teachers at a juvenile detention center school. Erin taught art and Gordon English, and they not only adored their students but also the experience of working together. 

Erin & Gordon Blair

Years and changes took us to new jobs, and we started to feel like we hardly saw each other.

In 2020, as the world was shut down, Gordon was diagnosed with blood clots in his leg and was unable to walk independently for months. Erin shifted the business from custom wood furniture to wood art- attempting to gracefully change with the unfamiliar world and our family's own personal crisis.  

As Gordon healed and the business grew, quarantine crept on.

We were struck by how different- how much more whole- we felt by being near each other on a regular basis.

When in-person school returned, Gordon was working as an administrator at a local high school. The drastic change in time spent together as a family was gut-wrenching, and Erin went on a mission to grow the business. 

Today, largely due to your support, Erin & Gordon run Blair Family Woodcraft full-time together, attend a variety of in-person markets and art fairs, and run four online shops.

They make monthly donations from their Not a Phase collection to PFLAG Hampton Roads and proudly support outdoor education programs for youth who may not otherwise be able to enjoy these experiences. 

Thank you for coming by, for supporting our work and our family, and for sharing our love of equality and the great outdoors!

Blair Family Woodcraft Market Set-Up