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Blair Family Woodcraft

DIY Kit: MINI Not a Phase LGBTQ+ Pride Wall Art

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Paint your own version of our mini "Not a Phase" Wall Art! A subtle, affirming reminder to us and those we love that our identities are not just a phase.

Your kit contains one rustic piece of wood measuring 3x9 inches, engraved with the words "Not a Phase," one cup of wood glue, one set of unpainted wooden moon phase pieces, one watercolor paint kit + brush, one cup of white paint, and one tiny wooden dowel (for applying glue).

Made 100% from reclaimed and repurposed wood. 

* This kit does not include a finished piece of art. The rainbow piece shown is for display only.

This shop is a safe space for all races, all ethnicities, all families, all genders, all religions. You are always welcome here. ❤️